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Welcome to Ensaio Gastro Bar.
An authentic gastro bar that opens its curtains to celebrate the art of gastronomy and the magic of the Maria Matos Theater in Alvalade.
A unique culinary experience combined with a wide selection of drinks, fun and spectacle. Come and enjoy authentic flavors in a warm and inviting environment. Book your table now.



At Ensaio Gastro Bar we are proud of our menu,

 designed by our chief consultant António Alexandre,

which features authentic flavors and fresh ingredients.

Our menu includes a variety of dishes that

will certainly delight your taste buds.

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Made with passion, served with style.
Ensaio Gastro Bar is where gastronomy meets art.
Where every dish is a masterpiece and where every glass
oozes sophistication.

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The ideal place for
your event!

Located in the heart of Lisbon - on the first floor of the iconic Teatro Maria Matos - and with a unique atmosphere, Ensaio is the ideal choice to hold your event. We have a dedicated team that pays attention to every detail to provide a unique experience, whether for a corporate dinner, an elegant reception or a get-together with friends. Please contact us for more details.


A tropical oasis within urban sophistication. Amid lush vegetation and vibrant tones, sip cocktails with exotic flavors while live music creates a relaxed atmosphere. Whether alone or with others, each meal is a culinary journey, inviting you to escape into a paradise of flavor and sophistication.

We are waiting for you!

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